European Mobility Week 2023 Shines Spotlight on LIAISON project efforts

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European Mobility Week 2023 is undergoing, and this year the spotlight is firmly on the energy consumption and sustainability in Transport Infrastructure. As Europe continues its commitment to sustainable and accessible urban mobility, LIAISON project represents a significant step forward in improving transportation networks, reducing emissions, and enhancing the quality of transport for citizens and firms across the continent.

With over 136,700 Km of roads and 234,000 Km of railways, Europe has one of the largest transport infrastructure (TI) networks in the world. TI network needs to be permanently upgraded, which means huge energy consumption and waste production.

Sustainability is at the heart both of EU Mobility Week and of LIAISON, a EU-funded multi-faceted project aimed at fostering seamless connectivity between cities and regions. This ambitious undertaking seeks to address key challenges faced by modern transportation systems, such as reuse of waste materials, noise reduction, use of roads as energy production sites, and smart pavement management systems among others.

Key Highlights of the LIAISON Project are:

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19 September 2023

Featured photo: Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

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