Technology potential and environmental considerations in mobility advancements

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In the words of Adina Vălean, Commissioner for Transport

“Digital technologies have the potential to revolutionise the way we move, making our mobility smarter, more efficient, and also greener.”

Nonetheless, to fully realise the potential that technology could bring, it is fundamental to let environmental considerations guide this transformation. This is a clear message emerging from the recent European Environment Agency’s (EEA) Transport and Environment Report 2022.

Credit: Julian Hochgesang, Unsplash

The report explores how and to what extent digitalisation can be instrumental in reducing the environmental impacts of passenger and freight transport in urban and non-urban settings. The analysis states that, while digitalization offers opportunities to mitigate the impacts of Europe’s mobility sector, these gains will depend on how digital solutions are deployed and how they affect overall transport demand.

The report focuses on nine digitally enabled technologies that are currently central to mobility-related policymaking: teleworking and virtual mobility; autonomous passenger and freight transport; multimodal services; smart logistics; digital tools for demand management; air traffic management; and digital monitoring solutions for greenhouse gases and air pollution emissions.

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