Spain – Cantabrian road

Procurement Dynamic Multi-Infrastructure Governance Framework (DMIGF) and bioasphalt at the Cantabrian road network

The demo site construction project aims to expanding the capacity of a 13km section of the A-67 motorway, running through five municipalities, by the construction of an additional third lane and remodelling of five existing links.

It also works on replacing the deteriorated surface course of around 200m of N-623 with the LIAISON bioasphalt.

Moreover, it will assess and monitor the effect and circularity of the project (13km section of the A-67 motorway) with the LIAISON governance framework.

This framework sets out principles, procedures and accountabilities to ensure transparency and to keep the cost/zero-emissions goals of the transport infrastructure (TI) sector well balanced and protected.

liaison demo siteliaison demo site

Demonstration and validation of: